Frequently Asked Questions


What's the big deal about skydiving?

It’s like no other activity. You’ve heard of adrenaline rush? This sport gives that rush from the very first jump. No other sport has such a small learning curve to get the feeling. We’ve got plenty of club members who’ve done a lot of sports well. And they know that most people don’t get the feeling…

What are your hours of operation?

We are open most weekends and holidays from 9 AM to sunset, April to November. Or, basically when it isn’t ski season. We are open weekdays by appointment. Check out our Facebook page to see what we’re up to.

How high do you go?

Experienced skydivers are allowed to jump from 2,500′ up to 13,000′ or higher depending on aircraft. Student first jumps are made from 3,500′ and gradually go higher.

Where are you located?

We are at the Kamloops Airport on Airport Road. Turn into the parking lot when you’ve seen our sign (First parking lot on the left). If you’ve driven to the Airport Terminal, you’ve gone to far.

What are the rules?

We follow all of the rules and guidelines established by the Canadian Sport Parachuting Association, which have proven to keep the risks of skydiving to a minimum. All of our instructors and coaches have been qualified through certification courses to prove they have the necessary skills to work with students and progressing skydivers.

First Jump Course

How much does the course cost?

$220, total. We accept all major credit cards and Paypal online for your deposit. If you would like to use Paypal for the entire course, please advise our manager. On site, we accept cash and credit cards only.

What do I get?

Besides a memory for a lifetime? All the training you need to complete the jump. Your take home gift is a logbook documenting your experience and acting as your permanent record of training.

Are there age requirements?

Yes, you must be at least 19 years of age. It’s the Age of Legal Majority in BC. That means you can sign a Legal Waiver.

Can my parents sign the waiver if I am under 19?

No. Your parents can’t waive your legal rights, only you can.

Are there any physical requirements?

You must weigh less than 235 lbs or 106 kg. This is the maximum load allowed by the Emergency Parachute, in case you have to use it. Those weighing near the limit should be physically fit.

What if I wear glasses or contacts?

We’ll give you a glasses strap if you don’t already have one. For wearers of contacts, you’ll get a pair of goggles because the airspeed when you exit the aircraft will dry them out very quickly.

Should I bring anything?

You should wear comfortable clothes appropriate for the season. Shorts and T-shirt on a hot day and if it is a cooler day long pants and a long sleeve shirt. A good pair of running shoes work best for foot protection. When making the jump we will provide a jumpsuit, helmet and goggles (as necessary).

Photo ID with birth date (driver’s license is good).

Lunch, unless you are going back into town during the 1 hour break.

Are the landings rough?

The ram air parachutes used today allow for soft landings as the rule instead of the exception. You’ll normally, get more shock jumping from a chair than landing your parachute. Students are taught how to do a Parachute Landing Fall in the event that they misjudge their landing flare and land harder then usual.

What if I chicken out?

Only about one in a thousand first timers totally chicken out. But if that happens to be you, so what, you are the customer, you don’t have to jump. No, we will not push you. If you want to jump, it’s the greatest thrill on this planet. If you don’t want to, no problem. You’re the Boss.

Can my friends and family come watch?

Certainly, we welcome anyone who would like to come out with you to share in your experience and cheer you on! Normally, the first jumps start around 2:30-3:00 pm weather permitting.

What about the weather?

Skydiving is a sport governed very much by the weather. It can cause unexpected delays. We do not jump when it is raining or extremely windy. First Jump students will complete the ground training for their jump regardless of weather conditions. Once you have completed training you can jump anytime during normal days of operation and good weather conditions.

How long is the class and when do I jump?

First Jump classes take about 4-5 hours and you will be able to jump the same day, weather permitting. Make sure you can stay till 6-ish.

How do I get started?

You’ll need to make a deposit to ensure your placement on a course. Please go to FJC Booking for the steps in getting it done.

We do limit our class sizes.

Is it really safe to skydive?

As with any adventure sport, skydiving has an element of risk. However we minimize this risk by using state-of-the-art training and equipment in our first jump courses. Each student parachute is equipped with an automatic activation device which should automatically deploy your parachute for you in the unlikely event that you or your instructor does not. Although we want you to have a whole lot of fun, your safety is our primary concern.

How hard is the parachute opening?

The parachute deployment (opening) is not bone-jarring, it feels more like being lifted at the shoulders.

Are reservations and deposits required?

Yes, we limit our class sizes. Booking a course is done online in only 3 steps.

Will I be scared?

Maybe, maybe not, but some fear is to be expected. You will definitely feel a surge of excitement and anticipation before the jump – this is a normal part of the experience. During the jump itself, you’ll probably feel a thrill such as you’ve never experienced – enjoy it!

What if the parachute doesn't open?

In the very unlikely event of a main parachute malfunction, the harness container system provided for you includes a reserve (emergency) parachute. These parachutes are routinely inspected and maintained by appropriately rated and licensed personnel. Additionally, all our reserve parachutes are equipped with a reliable and modern Automatic Activation Device. “What if..” situations are covered in depth during the course.

Tandem Jump

When are Tandems available?

You can go for a Tandem Skydive on any day of the week, depending on Instructor and Pilot availability.

How long will it take?

Plan to spend two to four hours. If you are part of a large group of tandems plan on about an hour per person.

Can I get pictures or video of my skydive?

Yes! You are welcome to bring your own camera and a friend to take video or pictures of your jump from the ground. In addition, we offer an in air video for tandem jumps where we either put a cameraman in the sky with you or have the tandem instructor wear a hand mounted camera. These make a very nice keepsake. If you would like video to capture your skydive, please let us know at the time you schedule your jump.

Can the cameraman film more than one person?

No. The time/distance gap between exits preclude a cameraman being able to film more than one person.

How old do I have to be?

At least 19 years old. Parent’s permission is not acceptable.