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Maymeet is one of the oldest (if not THE oldest) boogies in the world. While we started officially counting the Maymeets back in 1967, the old sky dogs tell us that there were plenty of Maymeets before that.

As I understand it, Maymeet spent its early years as a provincial competition. Back in that day, turbines weren’t as accessible. Instead, droopiness around the interior would shut down their operations and bring their plane(s), typically the ever faithful Cessna 182, over to Kamloops to partake in the Maymeet.

As the sport grew, so did Maymeet. I’ve heard stories of the days where Maymeet would turn loads on both a King Air and a Twin Otter (thats 36 slots of lift power!).

These years, Maymeet is less about competition and more about good ol’ early season fun. Occurring during the May Long Weekend, it is often one of the first boogies of the season in the northwest. Participants come from as far away Manitoba and California. There’s always a great team of Load Organizers available, including wingsuiters, belly flyers, and free flyers.

2017 will bring about the golden anniversary for this event. We hope to bring about some big fun for the 50th Maymeet!