Your Solo Certificate gave you the freedom to take flight without anyone holding your hand. . . or your pilot chute. But now it’s time to get down to the really fun stuff: busting out sweet jumps with other people in freefall!

Hold your horses though. We’re not just gonna throw you out of the plane with 15 other people and tell you to have fun. First we’re going to teach you how to fly relative with other jumps, and more importantly how to get away from those folks at pull time!

On top of the increased freedom in jumping, the CSPA CoP ‘A’ is the first level of CoP’s that is recognized internationally.

Once you have your ‘A’ you can:


In order to earn your ‘A’ you’ll have to complete the following:


CSPA Resources


“Parachutist Information Manuals” (PIMS) are your source for all the technical aspects to skydiving and will be a great aid no matter what level skydiver you are.

PIMS All of the PIMS are freely available here.

When working towards your ‘A’, check out:





Of course, to get your ‘A’ you’ll need to fill out the paper work.


The ‘A’ Application lists all of the requirements to earn your ‘A’. Also attached to the application is the test answer sheet for your written test.


Earning your Solo proved you could perform the basic life-saving-jump-another-day-skills. Now we’re going to refine those skills and make you into a skygod (soon enough). The coaches around the dropzone are both qualified and excited to help you get there. Make sure to see the following coaches to help you with the ‘A’ skills.


A C1 can help you with the following free fall skills required to get you your ‘A’

Front Loops

Back Loops

Barrel Rolls

Tracking / Delta


A C2 will perform five jumps with you to develop your RW skills for your ‘A’.
During all these jumps the Novice will be required to demonstrate control of relativity and approach speed during docks. Altitude awareness, clear ability to wave-off, and sufficient capability to create separation and pull at a safe altitude are all musts.

Jump #1

Jump #2

Jump #3

Jump #4

Jump #5