Your B CoP started opening the doors to jumping with groups! But why stop there, obtaining your C CoP will present you with endless opportunities to do all sort of great things in the air, with all sorts of great people!

By now you know the drill, we can’t just hand you the C CoP and send you on your way. First we have to teach and evaluate all the skills you have gained, both freefall and canopy, and all the technical knowledge, that comes with being a C CoP jumper.

Once you have your ‘C’ you can:


In order to earn your ‘C’ you’ll have to complete the following:

CSPA Resources


“Parachutist Information Manuals” (PIMS) are your source for all the technical aspects to skydiving and will be a great aid no matter what level skydiver you are.

PIMS All of the PIMS are freely available here.

Emergency Procedures C CoP Review

Study List: C CoP


Of course, to get your ‘C’ you’ll need to fill out the paper work.

Application Form: C CoP

The ‘C’ Application lists all of the requirements to earn your ‘C’. Also attached to the application is the test answer sheet for your written test.